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Complications from Transvaginal Mesh Implants

Serious side effects caused by transvaginal mesh implants are making headlines across the globe. This problem is not new. Patients experiencing severe problems are growing in number including many in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Many point the blame at the manufacturers of the medical devices. After successes using mesh to treat hernias, manufacturers quickly began » Read More

Hospitals Are at Risk for Cyber Hacking of Medical Devices

Philadelphia defective medical device lawyers are gaining new information about potential gaps in security of medical devices at hospitals. Doctors and hospitals are becoming increasingly concerned about the possibility of hackers trying to gain access to a hospital internet system by first hacking into devices that are connected to the system. EKG machines, defibrillators, vital » Read More

Recent Essure Lawsuit Cases

For women seeking permanent sterilization, a product known as Essure can provide the desired result without requiring the invasive procedure of a tubal ligation. The product, manufactured by Bayer, contains a set of tiny stainless steel coils placed in the fallopian tubes, which are held in place by scar tissue as they heal. This tissue » Read More