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What Should I Expect in a Defective Medical Device Lawsuit?

Patients that must use medical devices to stay healthy put their trust in this equipment and the companies that manufacture them. Stents, implants, and insulin pumps are just a few examples of devices that have helped people over the years. It is impossible to count how many lives have been saved by medical devices, but » Read More

Safer Technologies Program for Medical Devices

In early September, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released a draft outlining a new program designed to increase the safety for certain U.S. medical devices. It is a voluntary program that targets current diagnostics and treatments used for mortalities and morbidities that do not qualify for its Breakthrough Devices Program. Called the Safer Technologies » Read More

Understanding Defective Medical Device Claims

Patients trust that the medical products and devices their physicians recommend are safe. While every medical device must undergo extensive testing before it reaches consumers, some are later proven to be defective and even dangerous. Consumers harmed by defective medical devices, such as implants, stents, defibrillators, and other products, may consider bringing a product liability » Read More