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Medical Device Defects

Medical devices of all types can provide significant benefits and improve the quality of life for many recipients. Medical devices include many varied items, ranging from hip replacement products, contraceptive implants, cardiac stents, pacemakers, and many others that patients rely on for their health and well-being. However, these same devices can have flaws or damages » Read More

Bleeding Edge Documentary Exposes Medical Device Industry Dangers

A Netflix documentary shares certain dangers that have been found within the $400 billion-dollar medical device industry, where they have existed for decades. The documentary looks at industry products, including robotic surgeons and hip implants, which have negatively impacted the lives of thousands of patients for years. An Un-Regulated Concern What many are unaware of » Read More

FDA Approves New XARELTO® Use

Although it is classified as a blood thinner/Factor Xa inhibitor, the anti-coagulant drug XARELTO® has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for another use. A recent report shows that it can be taken to reduce the risks of peripheral artery disease (PAD), chronic coronary disease (CAD), strokes, other cardiovascular events, and » Read More

Robotic Surgeons

There is room for human error in everything that we do. Despite the years of training that doctors endure, they, too, experience the reality of what it means to be human. And though they work long hours, they cannot be everywhere. For patients far away, and to help minimize the risk of human error, physicians » Read More

IVC Filter Complications

The inferior vena cava (IVC) is a vein located in the abdomen that returns the blood from the body’s lower half up to the heart. When clots form in an individual’s veins, in their pelvis or legs, they can travel up to the lungs or heart, causing blockages and pulmonary embolisms. This is called venous » Read More

Medical Device Recall Decisions

The decision to recall a product has profound effects on a company’s image and its bottom line. Medical device companies regularly monitor product performance such as failure rates, time on the market, and safety and health impact to the patient. When complaints from physicians and/or patients about a medical device are received, they alert the » Read More

Device Packaging Issues

When it comes to medical devices, packaging is second only to the product’s design. Poor packaging, which may impact a device’s sterility and safety, can cause harm and even death to a patient. Medical device packaging issues triggered the highest number of FDA recalls in the decade between 2007 and 2017, with the exception of » Read More

Johnson & Johnson Recalls/Lawsuits

Consumers who are unaware of major health-related product recalls may experience serious complications from using them. There have been claims that they may cause cancer, severe allergic reactions, metal poisoning, and other serious health problems. One company that has been involved in countless recalls and lawsuits is Johnson & Johnson. Johnson & Johnson and its » Read More

Essure Birth Control Sales End

The controversial Essure birth control device will no longer be marketed in the United States. Pharmaceutical giant Bayer recently announced it will no longer sell the device, as of December 31, 2018. This effectively ends all sales, since Essure is no longer available in other countries. The device, made from flexible coils, is designed to » Read More

Medical Device Lawsuits

Defective medical products can cost their manufacturers a lot of money. Recently, a Philadelphia jury awarded $2.5 million in damages related to use of Gynecare TVT-Secur mesh for treating incontinence. The patient experienced severe pain and had to undergo multiple surgeries to remove the device. Ethicon, the manufacturer, was fined $17.5 million in punitive damages. » Read More

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