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What Are Signs My Hip Replacement Is Defective?

Hip replacements are common for elderly people but are also something some younger people must deal with if they are seriously injured. Getting a new hip, regardless of your age, can make you move better and enjoy your life again without excruciating pain. However, sometimes hip replacements do not achieve their goal. You may feel » Read More

What Should I Know About the Exactech Recall?

When you have a medical device implanted or replaced, you expect it to help you have a better quality of life. Whether the device is used to treat a medical condition or reduce your pain level, having it can help you feel better and enjoy life, but things do not always go as planned. Exactech » Read More

What Steps Do I Take If I am Impacted by the Exactech Product Recall?

In February of this year, surgeons across the country received a draft of a recall letter from Exactech that addressed problems with certain knee and ankle implants. According to the letter, one of the packaging layers for the polyethylene plastic insert did not conform to specifications. These non-conforming bags should have contained an additional barrier » Read More

Are Hip Replacement Lawsuits Increasing?

According to data from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), there are 450,000 hip replacements each year in the United States. Many people opt for a hip replacement surgery after their hip becomes damaged from arthritis or other health issues in order to increase their mobility. However, a hip replacement can lead to » Read More

Can I Sue if My Defective Hip Replacement Gets Infected?

It is no surprise that hip replacement surgery has been increasing steadily in the last 20 years; a growing number of Americans are aging. In the next four decades, the number of Americans who are 65 years old and older will amount to 23 percent of the total population. According to the Centers for Disease » Read More

Hip Implant Lawsuit Agreements

Attorneys general for 46 states recently came to an agreement for a multi-million-dollar settlement from Johnson & Johnson (J&J) for deceptive advertising about the durability of hip implants. The states sued the hip implant manufacturer alleging that they knowingly made false statements in promoting the longevity of two of their widely used hip replacement systems. » Read More

Medical Device Defects

Medical devices of all types can provide significant benefits and improve the quality of life for many recipients. Medical devices include many varied items, ranging from hip replacement products, contraceptive implants, cardiac stents, pacemakers, and many others that patients rely on for their health and well-being. However, these same devices can have flaws or damages » Read More

Bleeding Edge Documentary Exposes Medical Device Industry Dangers

A Netflix documentary shares certain dangers that have been found within the $400 billion-dollar medical device industry, where they have existed for decades. The documentary looks at industry products, including robotic surgeons and hip implants, which have negatively impacted the lives of thousands of patients for years. An Un-Regulated Concern What many are unaware of » Read More