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BioMimics and Medical Device Testing

Pennsylvania defective medical device lawyers are committed to the future of medical device testing with BioMimics.Continuous recalls of defective medical devices have prompted new research in medical device testing. To improve the quality and safety of medical devices, the 3D printing company, Stratasys, has designed a new tool for device testing.

BioMimics consists of fully functional, 3D printed models that replicate the human body. Instead of turning to animals, mannequins, and cadavers to test medical devices, Stratasys hopes that BioMimics will be used instead. BioMimics are free of restrictions and mirror the structure of the human body.


BioMimics are developed using Stratasys PolyJet 3D technology. Designed items are sent to a printer that layers curable liquid photopolymer to create intricate objects. By using various types of photopolymer during printing, Stratasys can create replicas of soft tissue and hard bones.

Currently a number of different BioMimics are available and include functional models of bones, discs, ligaments, and hearts in pediatric and adult sizes. The company will offer basic, off-the-shelf models of all body parts, but customers will also have the option to create custom devices by sending in patient scans. In this way, medical device companies and physicians will be able to use BioMimics to test different treatment options both generally, and on a per-patient level.

In addition to soft tissue and hard bone models, Stratasys will launch different vascular system models in the first quarter of 2018.

The Future

BioMimics will eliminate the need to test procedures and medical devices on cadavers, which have limitations. When working with a cadaver, professionals only have access to the organs in front of them, which may or may not exhibit medical issues. Working with BioMimics will allow testing to occur more often, as they are not only readily available, but components can be tailored to specific situations and patients.

Advancements in technology will improve medical device testing, and Stratasys will continue to work on new lines of products based on customer feedback and need.

BioMimics will also serve as a valuable educational tool by exposing students, engineers, and trainees to the clinical scenarios they need to treat before exposing them to live patients.

Pennsylvania Defective Medical Device Lawyers at Brookman, Rosenberg, Brown & Sandler are Committed to the Future of Medical Device Testing

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